• Problems on the market of new Sochi

    To date, the construction market is experiencing new buildings of Sochi is not the best of times. Far not obscure the fact is that many developers Sochi worked by attracting private investment and bank loans. After the sale of new buildings in Sochi carried debt repayment. The great disadvantage of this scheme is the lack of cash flow caused by the distrust and pokupateley. Uvelichilis rates on bank loans, up to 25%. Banks will not lend on investment – construction projects, even those new buildings of Sochi, which has been opened linii. Platezhesposobny credit demand of the population has declined because of falling revenues, as well as due to the increased interest rate on your mortgage. Buyers with cash stayed in a waiting position. With this collapse, builders are forced to either slow down the pace of construction of new buildings of Sochi, or freeze the project until better vremen. Imeyut place such cases on the market of new buildings of Sochi as a fraud to collect money from unsuspecting shareholders, with subsequent disappearance, and the unfinished objects. It should be understood that the would-be investors have become hostages of the risks, but they themselves are. Of course, participation in the joint construction of many solved the housing problem, and also helped make the difference in buying and selling prices. But the main shareholders, the error affected a legal bezgramotnost. Osnovnym law governing the relationship of developers and customers, FZ-214 is a joint construction. Under this law defines the obligations of the developer to be completed in new buildings and transfer of apartments to investors. The law provides for financial responsibility for the breach. However, in practice, most developers bypass the rules established by law the sale of apartments in newly constructed homes. And in the difficult post-crisis, the share who want to circumvent the law only uvelichivaetsya.V currently in compliance with the requirements of the law on joint construction of apartments for sale around 5% of the total market of new buildings of Sochi. In the rest of the houses under construction in Sochi is the realization of housing in the so-called “gray” schemes. Transactions are made through the conclusion of the preliminary contract of purchase and sale of the apartment.


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